Award Categories

Community Champion Award

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Recognising individuals or community groups who have worked tirelessly supporting the local community, particularly looking out for others during the coronavirus lockdown and beyond.

Pride of Lancashire

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Awarded to an individual or group whose efforts locally, nationally or internationally have embodied the Lancastrian spirit and whose achievements have consistently made you proud to be from Lancashire.

Environmental Sustainability Award

As part of the race to Net zero, we want to recognise the businesses who are playing their part by reducing their environmental impact. Are you an organisation that has dramatically reduced your carbon footprint? Or maybe you have launched a new product range which helps customers to reduce their environmental impact. Whatever the business we want to hear the success stories for those that are making a positive impact on the environment.

999 Hero Award

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This award goes to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to saving the life/lives of others or has helped to avert disaster by their quick actions in an emergency.

Family of the Year

Working together in everyday tasks or special challenges such as family crisis, household chores, and family outings. Individual Growth- Helping each other accomplish personal goals in such areas as education, sports, friendship, careers, and special interests. Inspiring stories of family life during lockdown.

Act of Bravery Award

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This award recognises individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and bravery whilst serving for our country and in everyday life. This person will have shown real pride, courage and bravery perhaps in a difficult / life threatening situation. They may have overcome real adversity and trauma.

Grass Roots Sports Award

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Playing sport may have stopped during the pandemic, but there have been lots of initiatives within local clubs. We recognise the unsung sporting heroes whose teamwork and determination have kept things going.

Lifetime Achievement Award

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A person who has been active in the business community for 25 years or above  Has shown outstanding leadership characteristics throughout their career and has inspired and developed others to achieve similar success. Has achieved business excellence, evidenced through their business’s profitability, competitive advantage, innovation, flexibility and customer service.  Has demonstrated a strong connection to the economy and communities of Lancashire. 

Young Person of Courage Award

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This award will go to a youngster who has shown courage in the face of adversity, such as dealing with an unexpected, difficult

Armed Forces Hero Award

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This award will recognise inspirational individuals and teams, who are current or former members of the armed forces, who have played a significant role in supporting our communities

Inspirational Young Adult

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Tell us about a young person whose actions have made you proud and given you real hope for the future.

Charity Fundraiser Award

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This award will be given to an individual who has worked tirelessly to raise funds for a great cause, going to incredible lengths and showing exceptional dedication.

Green Champion Award

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This award recognises an individual or community group who have actively worked on improving green living in the community. It could be a school or college who have run a project in the local area, or an individual who has encouraged the neighbourhood to start recycling or a volunteer who has developed a community garden providing locally grown food...whatever the project we want to recognise the Green Champions of Lancashire!